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Ariana is by far one of the best planners in Oklahoma (if not the best). She is an extremely talented planner and designer and is full of so much knowledge. Her interior design background and connections with other local wedding vendors are bonuses to her amazing talent! She was not only our planner, but she was our friend. She truly takes the time to sit down with her bride and groom in order to get to know them on a personal level. It's been about 5 weeks since I got married and we still talk almost everyday. She's become someone I trust, look up to, and I value her opinion. From the day I met her I knew she was going to be someone special in our lives. When we had our first meeting we laughed, cried, and finished each others sentences. She knew exactly what I wanted and helped execute it (She tied a pretty little bow around our vision). We are incredibly blessed we got the opportunity to work with her!

- Chelsea ricks



Ariana has such a great eye for design. Whether you want a wedding that is modern, traditional, or vintage, she will make it beautiful and add her own unique touch. She is also such a pleasure to work with... so professional, but at the same time fun and easy-going. We love knowing that whenever we work on a wedding with her, we will always be kept in the loop. The more wedding pros collaborate and work as a team, the better everything will be for the couple. Plus, Ariana is a fellow animal lover, which is a great bonus!!



Ariana, We cannot even begin to express how thankful we are for all you did for us! We honestly never dreamed that our wedding day would be so easy and stress-free but thanks to you it was. Because of your hard work, we were able to sit back and truly enjoy our time with our family and friends, while knowing that you had EVERY detail taken care of. You showed true professionalism, courtesy and care for us and our wedding; working with you was a joy and a blessing!



Ariana, I am not sure exactly where to start in thanking you for all you did for Corey and I on our wedding day. We absolutely adore you and thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.You made our day easy and stress-free and most importantly the schedule you provided allowed us to have the party we wanted while carrying on wedding traditions. We would have never been able to do it without you. You are the biggest blessing to us. Thank you for being organized and professional throughout the whole experience. We also hope you enjoyed it too! You are the BEST, thank you for the friendship and love.




Ariana is an amazing wedding planner, I would recommend her to anyone! She will make sure your special day is perfect and everything you always wanted. She does a great job tailoring your wedding to what you want and not what she wants. She was with us from day one of our wedding planning, and made sure all the planning was done in orderly fashion. She knows the best people/places in OKC to go to from venue to florist to hair/makeup!! If anything goes wrong the day of the wedding you will not even know because she takes care of it! The glassware for our wedding was 3 hours late and I didn't even know this happened until after the wedding, because she made all the phone calls and made sure it arrived! If I would have had to deal with this I would have been one stressed bride, unable to enjoy my day! Weeks before our wedding, our DJ and violinist cancelled and she was on the ball! We had replacements that same day, thanks to all her phone calls and hard work. She will do whatever she can to make your day stress free by taking care of all the small details! She has a great eye for detail and will make your day beautiful and unforgettable!




Ariana has such a wonderful eye and she really puts the special touch in the details. On top of being phenomenal at what she does, she's just a truly nice person...exactly the type of calming presence you would want around on your big day!!



From her attention to detail to her warm personality, Ariana was an amazing planner. She did an amazing job thinking of creative ways to incorporate small details that I never would have thought of. She truly treated our big day just like it was her own and it showed in every detail she planned.



Working with Ariana was fun and stress free!! She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. We look forward to providing entertainment at her next event!!!"




I really can't put into words how much I truly appreciate everything you did to make Rachel and Taylor's wedding dreams come true. When we first started this journey, I thought we could handle the planning on our own, but I quickly discovered we were going to need professional help. One of my really good friends recommended Aisle Be With You, and said, "You will absolutely LOVE Ariana." This was the best piece of wedding advice I received. While your pre-wedding planning was extremely valuable, I didn't fully understand how much you did the actual day of the ceremony until the day after, when I reflected back on how crazy the day unfolded. We had planned an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception, and a back-up plan to move the ceremony indoors if the weather didn't cooperate. Well, we had flash flood warnings, tornado watches, flooded roads, and guests arriving late. I don't know how you did it, but you managed to make the whole experience perfect. Rachel was thrilled that there were lots of photos outdoors prior to the torrential downpour. All of the vendors made it to the venue even with the flooding roads. I had assumed the outdoor decorations were washed away, and the next thing I knew the lanterns (with candles lit) were lining the petal covered aisle, the floral arch had been moved indoors, the guests were all seated, and the wedding procession started. I cried tears of joy to see how perfect the ceremony really was. The icing on the cake was that you and Blake managed to get those amazing photos with the double rainbow after the rain! I was able to enjoy the evening, mingle with family and guests, and celebrate with my daughter and new son-in-law! I can't imagine any wedding could have been more beautiful and memorable. You were truly a "gift" for which I am sincerely grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!




Ariana, I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but I just wanted to say thank you for everything! I know it wasn’t my wedding, but I just thought you should know how awesome you are! You went above and beyond with helping out. Thank you for being so sweet!



Ariana, Thank you so much for the personal care you gave my daughter, my wife and my family the week of the wedding. I will gladly recommend you to anyone or provide a reference to the professional, courteous, conscientious service you provided. It would be hard for anyone to do a better job than you did while handling so many things that week. Thank you for everything.



Ariana and her team were such a blessing in the planning of my son's wedding. Her knowledge of resources and her ability to guide us through some stressful decisions were invaluable! She was available, encouraging, and supportive! Thanks to Ariana, there was less stress the day of the wedding which allowed us to enjoy the moment! She is amazing!




Ariana, I want to take a moment and say a long overdue thank-you for helping with Ashley’s wedding. The last few weeks leading up to the wedding were so much more stressful than I had anticipated. I appreciated your level head, especially when you needed to play ‘referee’ between us a time or two! It was a great help, also, to have you present when meeting with vendors, as we were overwhelmed with the multitude of choices available and confused with the pricing structures. Having an impartial set of eyes and ears made this process much easier.

There were so many details that I had never considered that you took care of. From changing bulbs at the reception hall, to remembering tape to secure cards to the gifts on the gift table, to last minute confirmation phone calls to the florist, caterer, dj, photographer, linen rental company and much more leg work that you helped with. This would have been difficult for me to handle with a full time job.

Ashley and I were both so overwhelmed and could never thank-you enough for your professionalism and organizational help. You are a treasure!

Thank-you again from the bottom of my heart,




Ariana and her team were amazing and handled everything for us in the most professional way possible. The wedding was flawless - what Ariana delivered on our wedding day was above and beyond our expectations. She was always available anytime we had a question and her response times to emails was almost immediate. Her eye for design is unsurpassed, her funny and easy-going personality made her a joy to work with and her ability to understand her client's vision is incredible. 405 Productions cannot recommend Aisle Be With You enough!



Ariana saved us! We were half way through planning our own wedding and wondering how we could make it happen on our own. Ariana was my classmate for so long and we had so many people recommend her services that we had to contact her! Her calm personality and creative mind helped us have the wedding of our dreams. Never would I have ever imagined a day like she helped us have. It allowed the two of us to relax and enjoy our time with family and friends instead of worrying about the details of the day. She is not only an amazing person but an amazing wedding planner and we would and have recommended her to everyone! 



Ariana, I don't even know where to begin! I fell in love with your sweet personality and creative vision when you first helped design our Kitchen. We love that we were able to have our Interior Designer become our daughter's Wedding Planner. You are professional in everything you do! I have no idea how we would have been able to pull off our daughter's wedding day without your expertise. I am happy to call you family now!




When I started planning my daughter’s wedding, I knew I would need help because I was working full time. I wanted someone young, with design experience and creative ideas for the reception. I found Ariana, which I now refer to as our “Tiny Little Wonder Woman!” From the very beginning of the planning stages, she made it clear that she would be available to meet with any of the vendors that we chose and would provide monthly check lists for us to follow. Her ideas were wonderful and I could not have asked for an easier person to communicate with. She is very organized and follows up with every conversation and idea. I appreciated all the help she put into contacting each vendor we brought on board, communicating our wishes to them and then by following up to make sure contracts were signed & deposits were made. All the way through planning this big event, she was always available. Anything I needed, she was there to help. I would recommend Ariana to any bride or family who needs help with implementing their dream wedding. She has the ideas and experience to make it a very special occasion for your family, friends and guests!